Words from friends

Dear Hanke, Yesterday I got the link to your website Today it is quieter in my head than usual Memories shift thoughts Loving words arise A candle burns in a heart of stone early in the morning For the first time I feel the meaning; 'forever in my heart.' From your death I have brought two new insights with me. Thank you dear Hanke, you are well! X
Dear Hanke, Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. Thanks for your Being! I miss you so much, but at the same time you are still very much alive! I feel you are there. Beautiful, beautiful, strong, sweet woman. I love you xxx
Sandra Smits
Very nice and also sad to admire this site. She has talked to me about her camino before. This year I happen to be traveling to that region on a motorcycle with my wife and I am sure that I will think about her and feel what she experienced there. Name: Marc

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